Bosavi has gotten an immense amount of help and inspiration from a number of amazing companies and organizations. Please check them out.

Outward Bound Logo

Bosavi is partnering with the Northwest Outward Bound school to provide headlamps to their scholarship students and staff.

Organic Logo

Watching Josh Helke, the founder of Organic, build his amazing company from the ground up inspired the founder of Bosavi to start his own venture. Organic products are some of the best that we have ever seen.


Oru Kayaks is currently developing a kayak that folds like origami and can fit into the trunk of a car. The product they are making is truly visionary and inspiring.


Solio is a Bay Area company that designs incredible hand-held solar chargers and lighting systems. Their products are reliable, portable, rugged, and work perfectly with Bosavi.


TechShop is a hub of the DIY community in the Bay Area. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and software available for prototyping and development.


Belay Specs is a company founded by Phil Wilkes in Salt Lake City. They make durable and affordable belay glasses.