Photo of Mount Bosavi

Located deep in the tropical jungles of Papua New Guinea, Mount Bosavi is among the most remote places on earth. Scientists had long suspected that the massive rainforest covering the three kilometer wide crater would be a treasure trove of scientific discovery. However, the extreme terrain surrounding the mountain prevented any westerner from laying eyes on this hidden landscape. And there it stood in isolation since the volcano last erupted some 200,000 years ago.

Mount Bosavi at sunset

In 2009 an international team of scientists and a television crew from the BBC Natural History Unit finally ventured into the crater where they discovered more than 40 species of animals previously unknown to science. Their discoveries included 16 frogs, at least 3 fish, several insects and spiders, a bat, and a giant rat, measuring almost 3 feet in length. It is hoped that these discoveries will educate us about the mysteries that await in the worlds rainforests and encourage protection of these places at risk of destruction.

Inside the crater of Mount Bosavi

It is the goal of Bosavi to make a product that is so rugged and so self-sustaining that it could be used in extreme environments like Mount Bosavi. We also hope to encourage the same kind of love for the environment and to promote stuardship of our natural resources.