Built for Challenging Conditions, Designed for Everyday Use.

The Bosavi headlamp was built by an avid back country rock climber to use in the most challenging conditions. 

This headlamp, with its Cree 110 Lumen LED and 700 mAH Lithium Battery is the core of a sustainable lighting system– strong enough to use in the field and convenient for everday use.

The lamp is well balanced and comfortable, with a centralized hinge that provides balance and stability making it perfect for active use such as a rock climbing or trail running. The Bosavi recharges rapidly in the field from any renewable energy source and maintains a charge when not in use. 

The lamp has an operating life of 65 hours on economy mode, and maintains its brightness throughout the charge cycle. Its high-power LED casts a beam 80 meters fully charged. Bosavi is designed to be bright for your whole trip: Even after 60 hours of use in economy mode, the Bosavi can still cast a boost mode beam of 60 meters, making sure it’s just as easy to find your trail on the way back to camp as it was heading out.




Need help getting started with your new headlamp? Check below to download instructions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Charging Bosavi

Bosavi is designed to charge wherever it’s convenient for you. The headlamp comes with a charging cable compatible with any USB power supply. Just plug the headlamp in wherever you charge your phone and it’s ready to go in a couple hours. Charge on the trail with a solar charger or in your car on the way to your campsite. A pulsing red LED indicates that the battery is charging and a blinking white LED indicates a full charge.

You can also check the battery level anytime, anywhere. Hold the main power button down for three seconds from the off position. Four white blinks is fully charged, four red blinks is dead, and any combination between lets you know how much juice you have left.