One of the greatest Assets of the Bosavi headlamp is its’ ability to be charged by just about anything. The micro USB port allows it to be charged from any computer, car charger, or micro USB solar charger on the market. And the patent pending “Smart Strap” connections let you charge the headlamp directly from a variety of new accessories being developed by Bosavi.


It's easy to think of a battery as a gas tank. Instead of powering a car it powers portable electronic devices. But did you know that unlike a gas tank batteries loose their ability to produce power as they get low on fuel? What that means is that as your tank gets low your car cant drive as fast. Imagine driving 65mph with a full tank, 30mph with half a tank and only getting up to 5mph on fumes. That is how Alkaline AAA batteries behave. Lithium acts more like a regular gas tank. Providing almost consistent power no matter how full it is. So you will get more light for a longer period of time with Bosavi's built in custom rechargable battery.


Unlike most headlamps Bosavi is not just a piece of plastic that holds a couple of LEDs and some AAA batteris. The Bosavi headlamp actually contains a powerful computer chip capable of performing complex calculations. Things like monitoring battery charge, regulating the power to the High Brightness LED, and allowing you to customize the different lighting modes. For example, if you never use the flashing light, turn it off and never see it again.


The human eye actually has two systems that detect light: rods and cones. Rods are extremely sensitive. At very low light levels, visual experience is based solely on the rod signal. Cones require significantly brighter light but are responsible for the experience of colors. When white light enters the eye, the highly sensitive rods shut-down and will not return to full sensitivity for several minutes. Red light will not cause the rods to shut-down and allows you to see the objects that are illuminated with the light without losing your night vision.